Welcome to the EGBL Superfinals 2017 for Girls born 2001/2002 from May 25th-28th in Aarhus, Denmark.

BC Aabyhoj hosts the Superfinals this year and look forward to welcome you all in Denmark May the 25th – 28th.

Aabyhoj is a suburb to the City of Aarhus; the capital of Jutland.

Important about the start and end of the Superfinals
As you start planning your trip to Denmark, please note that we expect you to arrive during Thursday the 25th. You can check in at the hotel from 3 p.m. First meal will be Thursday evening; dinner will be served between 17 – 19.30.
The opening ceremony will take place during Friday.
The award and closing ceremony will start around 1.15 p.m Sunday the 28th, followed by a reception at 2 p.m.

Location of the superfinals
All games will be played at the gyms of Viby Stadium (Viby Stadion in Danish).
Viby is another suburb to Aarhus, located a couple of kilometers from the city center (and a couple of kilometers from the homecourt of BC Aabyhoj).

All players and coaches will stay at the Zleep Hotel Aarhus (www.zleephotels.com). Breakfast and dinner are served at the hotel, lunchbags are provided at the gym. There is also a cafeteria at the gym.
There are 450 meter between the hotel and the gyms – five minutes by foot.
Next to the hotel you’ll find a small shopping mall (Viby Centret)
where you can buy groceries, sportsgear ect.

There is also an Asian restaurant next to the hotel.

There are several possiblities for public transportation to and from the city center with local buses. Parkering at the gym is free.
The airport near Aarhus is Tirstrup, but it is very small. Transport time from the airport to Aarhus is about 50 minutes by bus.
There is a larger airport with more international flights in Billund – transport time to Aarhus is about 75 minutes.
You can also fly in to Copenhagen or Hamburg and go by bus or train to Aarhus Central Station.

The local currency is Danish kroner. You can pay with VISA and Mastercard in many shops.

There is a bank next to the hotel.

For more info about Aarhus, other hotels etc.

Questions about the Superfinals?
Please contact Natascha Jensen at nat@mannemar.dk (Danish or English)